To prevent damage to the unit, protect data, and avoid personal injury, review and follow these precautions.

Before you begin

  1. If the unit contains heated components, wait until the components have cooled off before proceeding. Refer to the service manual for details on how long each component requires to adequately cool off.
  2. Put on your electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist or shoe strap to avoid damaging any circuitry.
  3. Place an ESD mat on a suitably grounded surface, and then place the unit on the mat.
  4. Remove any devices from the unit being serviced, such as diskettes, tape cartridges, or CD-ROMs.
  5. Power off the unit and any peripheral devices that are connected to it.
    Note: Replacing a hot-plug device does not require powering down the unit.

  6. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and then from the unit. When a unit is plugged into an AC power source, voltage is always applied to the unit. You must therefore disconnect the power cord from the power source before opening the unit.
  7. Disconnect all peripheral device cables from the unit.

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Static electricity

Static electricity can damage electrical components. Before removing or replacing a component, observe the following precautions to prevent damage to electric components and accessories:

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Ensure that you take the following precautions when disassembling a unit:

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