Customer Self Repair Services Media Library - Help

Help on using the Services Media Library (SML)

The Services Media Library (SML) assumes that you are familiar with using a browser to view information on the web. The SML is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer, V8.0 or later, and with your desktop display properties set to 800 by 600 pixel resolution or higher.

Topics on this page include:

  • About the SML
  • Downloading the video player
  • System requirements
  • Downloading other players
  • Finding media in the SML
  • Known issues
  • Downloading the animation player
    About the SML
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    The goal of the SML is to provide information that is easy to access, just-in-time, and which contains unique "rich media elements" to service personnel.  Examples of rich media elements include:

    • video clips

    • animations

    • audio

    The library does not serve as a single point of access for product or training information, but rather, it provides quick access to service information that has been created in rich media formats.

    System requirements
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    To view the SML, you will need:

    • Microsoft Windows operating system - Windows XP or later

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer, V8.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox Version 4 or higher

    • Minimum 1024x768 screen area (resolution)

    • Some media may require Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher, or Windows Meida Player Version 10 or higher

    Finding media in the SML
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    To find media for a product, select the:

    • category

    • family, and

    • series

    for your product, and click on the item of your choice.

    Hint: If you would like to zoom a video or play it full screen, right click on the video and select a zoom option from the menu that is displayed. Not all videos support full screen display. To return to normal play, right click on the video again and select an option.

    Downloading the animation player
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    Many animations in the SML use Adobe Flash Player.

    If no animation is visible to the left, get the Adobe Flash Player.

    Download Flash


    Downloading the video player
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    To view the video clips in the SML, use Windows Media Player.

    If no movie is visible after you click on the left, get Windows Media Player.

    Download Windows Media Player

    Troubleshooting tips

    • If the video seems to run but you do not see an image, upgrade or reinstall the player.

    • Some older videos require the Sipro Lab Telecom (130) codec. If some videos do not play, click here to download and install the codec.

    Downloading other players
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    If the media in the SML requires another player not listed above, follow the directions accompanying the media to download and install the player.

    Known issues
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    The following issues are known at time of release:

    • If your playback controls do not work while viewing videos, upgrade the Windows Media Player.

    • The SML requires Active Content to be allowed to run in your browser. To enable active content, consult Help on Internet Explorer.

    • Not all products are currently represented in the media library. The SML will be updated as new media is created. Keep checking.

    • The SML was designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer, V8.0, or higher or Mozilla Firefox Version 4 or higher.